Nikon D5100 VS D7000

Nikon has launched the new product, D5100, which has risen as a storm in the world of cameras. It has taken the most suitable place in the mid range of the two other models, D3100 and D7000. The price also fits. Though D7000 gives you a better and larger view finder, a focus motor that is built in, weather proof covering, and some other upgrades regarding internal features, yet D5100 can break out all the comparisons done with D7000.

D5100 body looks pretty mundane than D7000 but as you whip the articulating screen, you will discover that it swings from the left of the camera. D 5100 are lighter and smaller and thus easy to carry and handle. The grip is excellent and one will feel very comfortable to hold it during the shoot as he or she can fully access the camera with the right hand. Though they have the same plasticky-ness, but it should not be considered as a flaw.

In a recent survey conducted, most of the camera users say that they are very impressed with the sleek design of D5100. It has only one problem, the position of view toggle and the button for recording the movie that is placed near the shutter of the camera. D7000’s view lay out is best with both the Live View dial and the record button conveniently placed with a sleek switch, which is absent in D5100. This helps the photographer to work with the entire hand in order to toggle live view and then to record, he or she has to use their shutter finger. This may turn out to be a disaster if they try to take photos during the movie shoot.

Nikon D7000CC by weweeh

The spectacular feature of D5100 is the articulating screen, and the movable screen, which is the second such product of Nikon’s DSLR, combined with a movable screen. This could not be used efficiently if it is attached with the tripod for its downward position. Nikon has used its rival Canon’s design and has put the screen towards left. This has allowed the camera users to place the camera attached to the tripod and view a wide range.

Nikon has enlarged the size of the screen by replacing the small 2.7 inch screen with a bigger 3 inch screen and this is quadrupling the resolution offering 920,000 dots. The color is sharp and you will love the outstanding brightness feature even when you are under the direct sunrays. The resolution is high, which gives you a joy to use the live view mode. It has an accelerometer. With this built in accelerometer, the display can be rotated when you move the camera laterally. This is an excellent feature for portrait orientation. However, this model does not eliminate the shutter lags and thus make the camera a bigger and an obtrusive thing in a tight environment.

Go and buy a D5100 as it has a horizontal articulating screen, a swivel screen that can help you while recording any video, which sets it just apart from the other Nikon cameras. Though both the models of Nikon, D5100 and D7000 has same sensor, there are certain differences too. D7000 has 39 auto focus points, among which nine are of cross types, but D5100 has 11 points and only one is of cross type. The viewfinder comes to be half in size and darker compared to D7000. The image quality of D5100 is more or less the same quality of D7000. Visit the website of Nikon to know more about the model and the prices. However, there is no doubt D5100 is a very good buy.

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