Nikon D5100 Special effects

Nikon presents the new SLR camera that offers the unique feature of special effect mode. You can select any option and apply it while recording video and shooting images. Before starting recording or shooting any still photo, this camera allows the photographer to view the special effects through the camera lens. This allows the photographer to confirm if he needs to apply the special effect or not while shooting.

One will surely love to add special effects to the photographs or recording to enhance and express his own sense of creativity.
At a time one can select up to three colors. All other colors that the user selects are recorded in black and white. This model detects the outlines and colors them to make a color sketch effect. One can adjust the clarity of the color with its thickness by using the monitor. With a diorama effect, any distant object will look as miniatures. The photographer has to select the required orientation and the area’s width which he or she wants to focus.
With the effect, night vision, one can use very high ISO sensitivities (up to 102400 equivalents). With this feature, one can shoot in darkness and verify the subject and its composition on the screen of the monitor. With selective color option, one can select a particular object in the view field on which he or she can add a color in the black and white background. You must use a tripod in case there is poor lighting.

To give selective color effect, the first step common to all other special effects is to choose the live view. Next step is to select the color and apply on the focuses area. One can also choose the range of the color by decreasing or increasing the hues that one wants to include in the final image. You may select any additional colors and add it.

Selective Color

Please visit our Selective Color post for more detailed information.

Another special effect, silhouette presents on bright backgrounds. The flash which is built in automatically turns off. With high key option, one can make bright images by using along with bright scenes, so that image appears to be illuminated with light. The user if goes with low key, he may use dark scenes. With this, he or she can create dark and sober images giving prominent highlights.

Low Key

High Key

There are various options available for the user in the live view. For color sketch one can adjust the vividness and the outlines by using appropriate keys. You can saturate the image adding more color or decrease to make a washed out effect.

Sketch Effect

For the special effect, miniature, use the option of multi selector to keep your focus point in the correct position and press shutter release key to focus . This will enlarge the view of the focused image in the screen to bring more precise view. Now you may adjust the orientation of the focused area and bring out the particular width you want to give to the picture.

Miniature Effect

In addition to the above features Nikon D500 DSLR has a number of different other features as well such as high speed continuous shooting and quiet release shutter mode which comes in quite handy in situations when a quiet shutter mode is required. This camera also comes equipped with a range of 16 scene modes which allow the user greater choice with preset setting suitable for a wide range of scenes and HD-CEC for playback in HD.
These special effects mode allow this camera from Nikon to function at a much greater level than it`s counterparts and leave the competition far behind.

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