Nikon D5100 external microphone ME-1

Nikon has launched its first stereo external microphone, Nikon ME-1 which is compatibly with Nikon D5100.
This is specially designed so that it can amplify any movie capabilities of cameras like Nikon SLR cameras. These microphones create a clear and crisp sound eliminating any type of unwanted noise that may result while operating. It is an important addition to any knit of a professional videographer, with which he can increases the audio recording quality so that the movies shots by Nikon D5100 is as clear as they may look. It is specially developed to capture stereo sound of high professional quality across many diverse situations. With this one can enhance sophistication of movie. Nikon D5100 is the best alternative available to built-in microphone of a camera. It has been especially designed to be an alternative to the usually disastrous in camera microphone which usually not suitable for the job such as while shooting a D-movie.

Nikon ME-1 Microphone
CC by raneko
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Nikon D5100 VS D7000

Nikon has launched the new product, D5100, which has risen as a storm in the world of cameras. It has taken the most suitable place in the mid range of the two other models, D3100 and D7000. The price also fits. Though D7000 gives you a better and larger view finder, a focus motor that is built in, weather proof covering, and some other upgrades regarding internal features, yet D5100 can break out all the comparisons done with D7000. Continue reading