Nikon D5100 external microphone ME-1

Nikon has launched its first stereo external microphone, Nikon ME-1 which is compatibly with Nikon D5100.
This is specially designed so that it can amplify any movie capabilities of cameras like Nikon SLR cameras. These microphones create a clear and crisp sound eliminating any type of unwanted noise that may result while operating. It is an important addition to any knit of a professional videographer, with which he can increases the audio recording quality so that the movies shots by Nikon D5100 is as clear as they may look. It is specially developed to capture stereo sound of high professional quality across many diverse situations. With this one can enhance sophistication of movie. Nikon D5100 is the best alternative available to built-in microphone of a camera. It has been especially designed to be an alternative to the usually disastrous in camera microphone which usually not suitable for the job such as while shooting a D-movie.

Nikon ME-1 Microphone
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Actually when a DSLR is in function there are a lot of moving parts inside including the lens system which produces a lot of operational noise. This is one of the major obstacles which one faces while shooting a movie with a DSLR camera. The major reason for this is that the in-built microphone is not suitable or even capable enough to remove or cut off the ambient or operational noise from the recorded video.

Nikon ME-1 microphone has a vibration reducing mechanism with which one suppresses all type of operational noises that are unwanted. It is a unidirectional microphone that offers you precise and clear target pick ups so that users can record what exactly he wants. With a supplied windscreen, one can suppress any interference produced from external noise. There is filter switch of low cut that provides one control on the noise of low frequency. One can also control the sensitivity of the microphone Nikon ME-1 by adjusting the menu of the camera. In this way one can control the noise surrounding. This almost completely removes out the ambient noise. The in-built filters also mean that the noise coming out from the lens system usually when they are in autofocus does not come into your movie recording. This will give the movie a very professional audio range.

The stereo microphone attaches the hot shoe of camera with a stereo jack of standard 3.5 mm. this feature will help the microphone to attach with any other HD video capturing Nikon DSLRs. It draws the power from the battery of the camera. This feature relieves you from carrying an extra pack around. The intelligent design helps its comfortable shooting by handholding. With a short body one can easily access the view finder. It has a handy cable stop so that you can put the cable out of your way. This is supplied with a soft case. And since it is compatible with all HD capable DSLRs from the Nikon stables, you have very large range to choose.
According to Zurab Kiknadze product manager lenses, accessories and software, Nikon Europe, ME-1 microphone is great new addition to the ever expanding stables of Nikon high quality accessories which are constantly being developed to cater to the needs of a growing band of movie enthusiasts. The needs of these movie makers are quality and professional hardware which enables them to make movies which not only allows them to break their own standards of movie making but allow them to attain new levels altogether in their movies.

ME-1 is shipped today with a price tag of around 180$. This places it in a decent category of products which are neither too cheap nor madly expensive for the functionality it offers. And because it is coming from a company of repute Nikon you can be sure about it`s quality and functionality.

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