Nikon D5100 VS D3100

Whether you want a new digital SLR camera or want to buy another camera for your collection, it is always a difficult choice to make. As an old patron of Nikon cameras and also a fan of good quality pictures, I too find this a difficult choice to make. If you too are confused, read this article where the Nikon D3100 and D5100 cameras are compared. Issues like the prices and modern features of both the cameras have been addressed. So take a look at both these wonderful devices and see what they have on offer.

Digital SLR cameras are sorted as Continue reading

Nikon D5100 Vs Canon 600D EOS /T3i

Both the models D5100 and canon 600D has a compact DSLR makeup and anyone can be confused to make a good choice between the two. Experienced photographers may be compelled to the excellent features that both models carry like they have almost the same number of megapixel count, the screen which is twist and swivel type, HD video recording facility, and the pricing. However with a closer look and wise examination, we can find out the differences between the two models. Continue reading

Nikon D5100 VS D7000

Nikon has launched the new product, D5100, which has risen as a storm in the world of cameras. It has taken the most suitable place in the mid range of the two other models, D3100 and D7000. The price also fits. Though D7000 gives you a better and larger view finder, a focus motor that is built in, weather proof covering, and some other upgrades regarding internal features, yet D5100 can break out all the comparisons done with D7000. Continue reading

Nikon D5100 VS D90

Nikon D5100 VS D90- war between quality and style

Nikon D5100 and D90 are both very good cameras for photographers. Both these cameras have similar features like high mega pixel range, high resolution screens, good image qualities, multiple lens, and dynamic ranges and are also equipped with large screens. However, there are a lot of features that differ one from the other. Continue reading

Nikon D5100 VS D5000

Nikon D5000 and Nikon D5100 are both becoming the preferred option of all photographers and enthusiastic travelers.  With features such as high quality of images, availability if multiple lenses, low noise at high ISO, flip out screens, superior dynamic range, large sensors, wider range in terms of the types of sensors and 24p support, they are definitely out- playing most of their competitors and leading the electronic market for cameras. Continue reading